200,000 changemakers

73 commitments, 66 higher education innovators, 14 countries


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These 73 commitments will directly spark and accelerate 200,000 changemakers, and indirectly impact millions more.

They showcase the critical work of higher education innovators in helping to create a world where everyone is a changemaker.

The 2019 Commmitments Include:

  • 203,000 individuals in changemaker experiences that spark a sense of motivation and empowerment to take action for the greater good,
  • 13,000 students who will also have an opportunity to practice changemaking as part of their college or university experience.
  • 26 institutions making commitments that will make their campus an environment where more changemakers can thrive, and
  • 12 organizations making commitments to strengthen the changemaker ecosystem in higher education.
  • The University of New Hampshire in the U.S. committing to grow participation in Changemaker curricular and co-curricula programs to 25% of all UNH students (4,000) by 2025.
  • Ashoka Canada, Colleges and Institutes Canada, McConnell Foundation (Re-Code), and Universities Canada committing to forming the Canadian Post-Secondary Education Collective (CPSEC) to foster collaborative approaches to social impact/changemaking within the post-secondary ecosystem in Canada.
  • Tecnológico de Monterrey’s HUB for innovative social entrepreneurship at Guadalajara in Mexico committing to expand their Changemaker Day festival – a two-day event that engages hundreds of students to celebrate changemaking – to 7 cities by Feb. 2021.
  • The University of Evansville in the U.S. commits to offering over $1M in changemaker scholarships annually to 75 students (from $18,000/yr for 4 years, up to full tuition for 4 years) who participate in their High School Changemaker Challenge.


University ABC commits to increasing the number of students participating in our changemaker education programs from 1,000 to 1,200 over the 2019/2020 academic year.

A commitment should reference a new, specific, and measurable level of impact and follow the formula: organization ‘A’ (with organization ‘B’ if you are working with other partners), commits to taking action ‘C’, with the goal of having ‘D’ impact in X time.”


Ashoka U will review all commitments to ensure they meet the following criteria:

> Contributes to equipping or activating more changemakers.

> Is specific, measurable, and focuses on a new level of impact (this can include integrating, expanding, or deepening an existing initiative).

> Commitment leads take an intentional approach to minimize inadvertent harm resulting from their commitment. Read Ashoka U’s Primer on Responsible Changemaker Education for more.

> Commitment leads work in, or have a strong connection to, higher education.


  • Mar. - May 2019

 Virtual design sessions were held to help institutions design their commitment. 

  • May 31st 2019

Deadline for commitment submission. 

  • July 2019

Ashoka U publicly announced 1st cohort of commitment makers.

  • Jun.- Feb. 2020
Ongoing support for commitment makers.
  • Feb. 2020
Deadline for commitment makers to report on progress and be considered for the #MillionsofChangemakers awards.
  • Mar./Apr. 2020

Announcement of #MillionsofChangemakers award winners, and collective progress of all commitment makers at the 2020 Ashoka U Exchange. Read about the finalists.


Unfortunately we can’t accept any additional commitments for 2019.  Sign-up here to stay in the loop for the next call for commitments! 

In addition to anyone associated with a higher education institution, (student, faculty, staff, or administrator), we will also accept commitments from organizations, companies, or policy-makers working with higher education.  Commitments can be at an individual-level, team-level, or institution-level.

The #MillionsofChangemakers call to action is designed to be a kick-off point and a gathering ground. 

After successfully making a commitment, you (and others on your team), will be invited to participate in different aspects of Ashoka U’s learning community. Through this community we will act as match-makers, connecting those who are working on similar commitments, or have resources that can help you achieve your goals. 

However, the supports offered are not a comprehensive suite of tools, funding, and resources.  Rather this platform is our call for entrepreneurial individuals, institutions, and co-creators of all kinds who can leverage this platform and network to help activate millions of changemakers.  If that’s you – join us!

Read about our 2020 finalists for the #MillionsofChangemakers award.

While a commitment is defined as something measurable, we have purposefully moved away from a single unifying metric that all commitments are measured against.  We value both depth and breadth of impact and we will ask you to report on both for award consideration. 

We also value the learning and inspiration that comes from making an ambitious commitment – one that you aren’t sure that you can achieve.  A large part of the award consideration will be based on how much progress you, (or your team/institution), have been able to make in a given year, and the value of the lessons you’ve learned in the process of working towards your commitment.  We encourage you to use this as an opportunity to think big and fail forward – and then tell us about so we can all learn with you.